Man and Van for Hire




Using us to clear rubbish from your property is often cheaper than a skip and a lot less hassle as we do the work for you.

Also we can transport selected items to your relatives, friends, to an Auction House or Charity Shops.

The rest going to a registered tip.

If you wish it all just to be disposed of we do take serviceable items to Charity Shops rather than just dump them.


We hold an Environment Agency Certificate for waste disposal under our House Clearance Business Dorset and New Forest House Clearance. We have to carry this certificate whenever we do any clearance work and you are welcome to inspect it.

Our charges are the same as our Van & Man or two men plus the Trade Waste Tip Fee we are happy to show you the receipt from the tip to prove where the rubbish went.

The Trade Tip we use does Recycle as much as possible.

We would never ‘Fly Tip’



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